Marketing Material

Tri-fold Product Brochure to supply sales representatives. The following brochures were intended for marketing the company’s products and services to potential clients in multiple industries.

Above: Wine oriented brochure. Outer pages layout

Below: Wine brochure Inner pages layout

Above: Restaurant oriented brochure. Outer pages layout.

Below: Restaurant brochure inner pages layout.


Above: Medical oriented brochure. Outer pages layout.

Below: Medical brochure inner pages layout. 

Website Banner promoting product for the holiday season!
Promotional flyer for advertising offered products to second party clients. (Client safe version, no logo) Although these flyers are client safe, I utilized the company’s colors and logo’s font in the title to echo the company’s brand.

Above: Featured Engraved Cutting Board options


Promotional flyer for Mark-It Innovations company to advertise new services for vendors in the market.